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These General Terms and Conditions apply to the rental and reservation of a beach chalet from

Strandchalet Katwijk B.V.

Boulevard Zeezijde 35
2225 BB Katwijk
Phone nr: +31 (0)71 401 2314
registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under company number 76213218

  1. Reservations

Through the website. You can make reservations through our website, We will consider your reservation to be final the moment we receive your payment. You will receive an email confirming your reservation within 24 hours.

Confirmation: The lessor will confirm your reservation immediately after receiving your reservation, either through the website or by email. You are kindly requested to check whether all the information included in the confirmation email is correct. If you still haven’t received a confirmation email 24 hours after making your reservation, please contact us at A reservation is only final after a receipt confirmation.
Together, our confirmation email and your agreeing to the present terms and conditions will form a preliminary lease between the person to whom the confirmation email is addressed (the lessee) and the sender (the lessor). Strandchalet Katwijk B.V. only accepts reservations made by persons aged 21 and older. We do not allow groups of adolescents and pets on the premises.

Strandchalet Katwijk B.V. is not liable for technical excesses or malfunctions in the payment or reservation system. Transactions received incorrectly will be returned by return.

  1. Rental fee

The following things are included in the rental fee: the rental of the beach chalet as listed on the website; gas, water and electricity, plus VAT on all the aforementioned items; a kitchen package consisting of a dish towel, dishwashing brush and dishwasher detergent; two beach beds and outdoor furniture.

The rental fee does not include:
Tourist tax (€1.65 per person per night).
Mandatory bed linen package (€5.00 p.p.) (the package consists of a pillowcase, mattress protector and duvet cover — beds will be made for you).
€50 for the post-stay clean-up (when you check out, you must leave the beach chalet broom clean and without any dirty dishes); we will charge an additional cleaning fee if you leave the chalet dirty (€30).
You can request the following optional extras when you make your reservation:
* Children’s high chair and cot bed (€15)
*Parking subscription (€7,50 per car per day). Please note that upon check-in you will receive a parking card with which you can drive in and out of the parking garage (zeehosplein 25) during your stay. There is guaranteed space in the parking garage. The parking garage is a 5-minute walk from Strandchalet Katwijk BV. It is only possible to book a parking subscription for the entire stay. We can only offer one parking subscription per accommodation. In case of loss or theft of the parking ticket, € 75.00 will be charged.

* Towel package € 5.00 per person


  1. Payments

Reservations must be made and paid for exclusively through, using one of the payment options provided on the website.
We will consider your reservation to be final as soon as we have received your payment. If we do not receive your payment within 7 days, we will cancel your reservation. If this happens, you will no longer have any claim to the beach chalet. If you wish to rent the chalet anyway, you will have to make a new reservation.
One week before your arrival, you will receive another email from us, in which we will provide you with the latest information with regard to your reservation and up-to-date information on the village of Katwijk.
You will be able to pick up the keys to your beach chalet from the nearest beach pavilion upon showing your confirmation email. Please note that you will be asked to show proof of identity. You can find various information in your welcome email, including which beach pavilion to check in at.

  1. Changing or cancelling your reservation

Changing your reservation
In case of changes up to 28 days before the start of the rental period, a change may be submitted once free of charge. For a second or subsequent change, or within 28 days of rental, € 20 per change will be charged. Changes are understood to mean: changing personal data, booked arrangements, number of people, an assignment. Changes do not include: Changing the date of your reservation to an earlier or later time. If you wish to change the reservation date, this will be marked and calculated as a cancellation. The date change is therefore calculated according to the cancellation scale below.

Cancelling your reservation
In addition, the following fees will apply if you cancel your reservation:

  • If you cancel your reservation between twelve and eight months (exclusive) prior to the day of your scheduled arrival: 10% of the rental fee;
  • If you cancel your reservation between eight and four months (exclusive) prior to the day of your scheduled arrival: 25% of the rental fee;
  • If you cancel your reservation between four months and 42 days (exclusive) prior to the day of your scheduled arrival: 50% of the rental fee;
  • If you cancel your reservation between 42 (inclusive)and 28 days (exclusive) (prior to the day of your scheduled arrival: 75% of the rental fee;
  • If you cancel your reservation from the 28th day up to and including the day of your scheduled arrival, and if you terminate your stay at the chalet prematurely: 100% of the invoice amount;

If you cancel your reservation prior to the start of the rental period, you must confirm the cancellation in writing or by email, stating your name and reservation number.
Cancellation by the lessor.

The lessor reserves the right to cancel the lease if the information the lessee has provided has proven to be incorrect, if the incorrect information is likely to have a negative impact on the beach chalets.


Covid-19 conditions

The beach chalets have their own bathroom, kitchen and toilet and are detached. This makes it safe to recreate at Strandchalet Katwijk BV. As long as the covid-19 pandemic lasts, and the developments regarding your stay can accelerate, it is possible to transfer your stay to another enthusiast free of charge, as soon as your (local) government enters the area of Strandchalet Katwijk BV. characterizes a certain time frame with an increased travel risk. As long as we may and can receive guests, our general terms and conditions with regard to changes and cancellations as described above remain in force. If your government or employer forbids traveling to Strandchalet Katwijk BV, we can, if desired, hand you an invoice for your stay that you can use to submit the damage of that decision to your employer, government and / or (travel )insurance.


  1. House rules

You can check in after 15:00. If you expect to arrive after 17:00, please notify us by phone on +31 (0)71 401 2314.
Please check out before 10:00 on your day of departure. If you intend to leave before 8:00 on the day of your departure, please notify us on the evening before your check-out.
The beach chalets have a maximum occupancy of 4 persons. You are not allowed to exceed this maximum capacity. If you are found to be in breach of this rule, we will have the right to terminate your stay at once.
You are not allowed to:
• Smoke or burn incense inside the beach chalet
• Bring and use your own equipment, such as barbecues, blowtorches, deep-frying pans, electric stoves, griddles, infrared lamps and other electric heaters/devices.
• Bring pets
• Store goods outdoors.
• Light open fires or have barbecues near the beach chalets or on the beach (this is prohibited by the fire brigade and the Katwijk local authorities).
If you inconvenience other guests or cause damage to the beach chalet, the inventory or other guests, you run the risk of being asked to leave the chalet.
You are kindly requested to refrain from causing any loud noise after 22.30.
Lessees are required to observe all other house rules as laid down in the welcome folder you will find in the beach chalets. This information can also be found free of charge at Strandchalet Katwijk B.V.’s reception desk.

If your reservation is terminated prematurely, whether or not by Strandchalet Katwijk B.V. or by not complying with the house rules and general terms and conditions, the tenant is under no circumstances entitled to a return, refund or compensation in any other form.


  1. Liability

We expect you to treat the scenery, your surroundings and the beach chalets with respect.
The person in charge of the booking (as named in the confirmation email) will be responsible for ensuring proper conduct in and around the beach chalet. Any breakage or loss of, or damage to, the chalet or its inventory that arises during the period you and/or other guests are using the chalet, regardless of whether it is due to an act or omission on your part and/or on the part of any third parties who are in the house with your permission, must be reported at once by the person in charge of the booking to the people working the bar of the beach pavilion that comes with your chalet.
Strandchalet Katwijk N.V. shall not accept any liability for the theft or loss of, or damage to, either objects or persons, regardless of the nature of said theft, loss or damage, during or due to a stay at one of its beach chalets, unless said theft, loss or damage is due to wilful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of Strandchalet Katwijk B.V. or one or more of its employees.
Strandchalet Katwijk B.V. shall not be liable for service interruptions or shortcomings in services provided by third parties.
You hereby indemnify Strandchalet Katwijk B.V. from any and all liability for damage suffered by third parties due to any act or omission on your part or on the part of other users, your fellow travellers or third parties who were present in your section of the beach with your permission.
Strandchalet Katwijk B.V. explicitly reserves the right to carry out necessary maintenance work at your beach chalet or another facility during your stay at the chalet, and you shall not be entitled to any form of compensation for any inconvenience caused by this fact.
Such maintenance work shall only be carried out to improve the quality of the pavilion and of your stay at the beach chalet.

  1. Complaints procedure

Strandchalet Katwijk B.V. is committed to ensuring that you have a pleasant stay. However, despite our best efforts, you may run into a situation about which you wish to lodge a complaint.
Any issues preventing you from enjoying your stay must be reported on the spot, thus allowing Strandchalet Katwijk B.V. to remedy the situation.


  1. Other provisions

This lease is governed by Dutch law.
All prices and fees mentioned in the lease are subject to change. We shall not be bound by obvious mistakes or errors.
All previous publications shall lapse upon the publication of these General Terms and Conditions in January 2021.